We are proud to now offer Alpine Luddites frame bags to our growing selection of bikepacking and touring gear. These are hand-sewn by a kindred one-man operation in Ouray, CO, and have been tested worldwide. Lightweight yet robust packs that are made to last!

Have you had your suspension serviced lately? Now is a great time to get your seals and fluids replaced before you start getting after it this season. We currently offer in-house service on Fox and Rockshox forks & shocks.

  • Fork Dust Wipers & Lowers $70*
  • Shock Service $40 – 50*

*seal kits not included

Virtual Tour

Check out our new Google virtual tour. Too bad you can’t smell through the internet, and that’s not sarcasm because the shop smells really good!


Whether you are commuting, bikepacking or touring, or simply tooling around town, at some point you will have things you need to carry; lights, lock, tools, clothing layers, food and water all need to go somewhere. Backpacks are fine, but why shoulder all that weight when you can conveniently dress your bike to do the work? We have seat pack rolls, stem bags and frame bags in stock from Sturdy Bag Design, a kindred spirit 1-man operation based in Minneapolis sewing stock & custom bags with high-quality materials and a lot of love. You won’t be able to find these anywhere else in Colorado, so come check them out!


Happy Winter Solstice! Longer days ahead means brighter commutes and more riding. That is music to our ears…

So just like Fela Kuti in 1971, we are “Open & Close” through the rest of the year… Riding the groove for a bit, disrupting it, twisting, turning and reshaping it, only to return to our original form in 2017, where we look forward to riding the groove with you. Cheers, friends.

12/24 – 12/26 :: CLOSED
12/27 – 12/30 :: 10am to 6pm
12/31 – 01/02 :: CLOSED

Dear friends,

We’ve been here before. As the holiday season nears and the seduction of consumerism finds its way onto our to-do lists, let’s also remind ourselves of what is really important and beneficial to us as individuals and as a community. For our own part that means sharing time outdoors with loved ones, challenging ourselves to continue learning, and allowing the gift of simplicity to be enough.

We do our best to maintain that simplicity in the shop, offering the essentials to keep you riding and to do so with function, style and reliability. After all, bikes are soul food that circle back to what is important. With that in mind and as our way of saying “thanks,” we are offering 20% off everything in stock* until the end of the November** and 20% off our Deep Tune service until December 24th, with a portion of all profits being donated to Bicycle Colorado. Or, ya know, rid yourself of all the minutiae and just go ride your bike, because you don’t need to buy anything to do something.


*Sale limited to in-stock items only, not applicable to labor/install charges

**The shop is closed Thursday Nov. 24th and Friday Nov. 25th

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Greetings, friends!

It has been some time since we’ve sent out a newsletter due to the shop being incredibly busy this summer and fall, and we’re okay with that. Thousands of bikes have come through the door, and we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know so many new neighbors as well as continuing to see familiar faces such as yourself. We quietly celebrated our 1-year anniversary in September – It has been fun, humbling, challenging and rewarding, and we are ever grateful to be here and have the opportunity to learn and grow thanks to your patronage and input. We’re not going anywhere, and we’d be pleased if you continued to enjoy the ride with us.

Whether you are thinking about prepping your bike for winter hibernation or keeping it rolling through the colder months, now is the perfect time to make sure it is cleanly functioning and corrosion-free. Bring your bike in anytime before December 24th and simply mention the special to receive 20% off our Deep tune package which includes all the necessary treatment to protect it from the colder weather. While you’re at it, check out our cold weather accessories and pick our brain about winter commuting – with 12 years of experience riding through bitter Midwest winters, we know a thing or two about moving through weather.

Colorado can’t decide which season it is, which we’re not complaining about! We did an unprecedented late-season ride in the high country yesterday and the weather could not have been more perfect. Daylight saving contradictions aside, we’ll play along with the time change. As of today we are enacting winter hours; Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm. We will be closed Friday November 25thto celebrate the unofficial anti-commerce day known in mainstream culture as Black Friday.

The Broadway bike lane data collection phase is nearly complete, and we’ve enjoyed teaming up with Bike Denver and Bicycle Colorado to get the word out. We’re hopeful that the construction of the entire lane will be complete by next Summer, and not just for selfish reasons either – Denver is changing whether we like it or not, and the way that the populace interacts with infrastructure is changing too. Safer bikeways means more comfortable and efficient travel for all types of road users, and the increased pedestrian traffic will benefit all businesses and continue to make Baker one of the best neighborhoods in Denver to hang out. Check the progress and voice your opinion at DenverMovesBroadway.com.

Speaking of voicing your opinion, GET OUT AND VOTE!

Forward ever, backward never,
Ryan / Totem