We’d love for you to join us at the first Totem party which will take place during the afternoon and evening of Sunday, June 5th. There will be music, beer from brethren Trve Brewing, non-alcoholic beverages from Metropolis Coffee, food from Sputnik, massage provided by Strength N’ Massage, and some sweet (and savory) prizes from fellow Broadway businesses. BikeDenver will be in the house with info about their summer ambassador program, and there will be newly installed bike parking on the corner of Broadway & Metropolis. We will hang out in the neighborhood for a while and then ride bikes to some local destinations to be determined. Come get down!

Being avid mountain bikers ourselves and in our desire to become a more full-service shop (a big deal for this small of a space), we are happily adding hydraulic brake and in-house suspension service to our repertoire. Bring your Shimano, Avid, Hayes, Magura, Hope, or Tektro brakes in for service starting now, and look for overhauls and seal kits for RockShox and Fox forks & shocks starting early June. Can’t wait until then? We can send out your suspension bits to one of our service partners in the meantime.

It’s a scientific fact that people love carrying stuff. In 2015 alone, 87% of Colorado cyclists rode with a SCD (Stuff Carrying Device) 93% of the time, and in 62% of reported cases the SCD was at least 48% full. That’s a lot of stuff. We love SCD’s too, and wanted to offer some gear that you can’t find at other shops. Denver-based Valentich Bags is a badass husband-wife duo who sew their wares right here in the Baker neighborhood; we have a really cool selection of backpacks, tool rolls and pouches made from waxed canvas and leather in unique eye-catching and resplendently-tactile styles. Sturdy Bag Design is a kindred 1-man operation from Minneapolis making incredibly durable frame bags that will withstand years of abuse from all-conditions commuting to extended touring and bike packing. Stock and custom options and sizes will be available from both.

The formerly out-of-order 24hr sidewalk vending machine has been back in operation for more than a month now. Can’t sleep? Come get a midnight snack or a chain. You just never know…

Did Mallory really make it to the summit? Who carved the art on pillar 43 at Göbekli Tepe? What did Thelonious Monk whisper in Larry Gales’ ear during the Denmark 1966 performance? What fate befell Mishima’s original kaishakunin? Some mysteries will never be solved, but luckily with Totem’s Mystery Upgrade the suspense only lasts until you pick up your bike. Feeling adventurous? Pick a dollar amount – $10, $25 or $50 – and we will install an upgrade of our choice on your bike. It might be functional or it might be purely aesthetic, but it will certainly be useful.


Get up to get down,

Totem Cyclery



So you finally dragged yourself out of bed early enough to get a ride in, only to find that your tire is flat and your roommate “borrowed” your only spare tube for her “gardening project.” Or maybe you’re having a bitchin’ night out on Broadway and are amped to ride home, but some hooligan swiped the lights off your bike while it was locked up. Perhaps you need a quick pit-stop for some brake pads on a Friday afternoon but you didn’t realize how small Totem actually is and there are five people in line ahead of you who want to discuss the gear-inches-versus-cadence intricacies of the leading manufacturers’ latest 1×52 drivetrain while simultaneously talking about how many miles they are going to ride not this coming weekend but the weekend after that [this has never happened, for the record…]. Or maybe you just don’t like human interaction and would rather communicate with a robot. FEAR NOT – our vending machine is finally back in action, stocked with the necessities to keep you rolling 24/7/365. Inside of this glowing magical portal you will find locks, lights, tubes, lube, CO², tire sealant, rim tape, chains, grips, pedals, tools and more. There are even some Rock n’ Roll cassette tapes in there, because that’s how we roll. Simply swipe your bank card, press a couple buttons and watch your desires fall from the sky. It’s like a modern genie, but without all the weird karma and dread.

There are currently empty slots that will be stocked in the coming weeks, and a forthcoming rotating selection of Awesome Shit.

Now if we can just keep the graffiti off of it this time…

Seasons greetings, friends!

As 2015 comes to a close we want to reach out with a sincere THANK YOU for your support and encouragement as Totem Cyclery was founded during one of the busiest months of the season and, given the circumstances, with little room for preparation. We are beyond excited to be here, in this city and neighborhood that we have come to know and love, to continue to serve the community with what we believe is a unique and personable approach.

In gratitude, we are offering 15% off all tune packages throughout January and February*. Get your bike freshened up before the Spring rush! Check out our services for more details on our tune-ups. This offer is exclusive to newsletter subscribers! Subscribe here and confirm your email address at the time of service for the discount.

(*Limited to one bike per customer. Offer ends 2/29/16.)

Certainly many people have asked “Why Totem?” In many cultures throughout the world both past and present, the Totem concept represents a unification of like-minded people; a gathering place, a source of inspiration, and a reminder of our beliefs or values. In a lot of ways the bicycle has become a totemic symbol of freedom, function, exploration, challenge, youthfulness, an alternative to the status quo for some, health & fitness for others, and more than just a material object. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but anyone who knows the joy of riding a bike can agree on one thing – life would not be as fulfilling without it. With this in mind, Totem Cyclery is here for everyone and anyone who shares this love of the bicycle. We honor tradition, but are not chained to the past. Our path led us here – with intent, but never forced, and ever evolving.

Since our official opening took place near the end of the season, we decided to postpone our grand opening party until Spring in order to properly kick off the 2016 riding season. Look for more updates on this in the near future, but expect this event to be held in the March-April timeframe. All we can tell you for now is that it is going to be incendiary. As in “Russell, your guitar tone is…is…incendiary.”

The slower winter months have given us a chance to pause and reflect and plan for the future. Some exciting things will be happening this coming season. For one, our sidewalk vending machine which has been out of order will be functional again in the next month or two for 24hr access to tubes, locks, and other small parts. An amazing handmade storefront sign is in process as well as some interior painting and light remodeling. Additionally, we will be introducing recurring group rides and other community events. Hopefully this will all coincide with the approval of the proposed Broadway Protected Bike Lane and other related Bike Denver events. We encourage you to get involved and voice your opinion regarding these important infrastructure improvements that will make city travel safer for all types of road users.

Meanwhile, we are currently enjoying a retreat in the mountains during the holidays and will reopen on Tuesday, January 5th.

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Forward ever, backward never.
-Totem / Ryan


Totem officially opened on September 16th in the former Salvagetti Annex location. It is the next logical incarnation of what the Annex offered and we are excited to be the neighborhood hub for all commuting and recreational bicycling needs. As we transition into cooler weather and shorter days, we will remain open through the winter and continue to offer the service and product necessities to keep you riding year round. Stay tuned for the evolution of our services and events as the dawn of the 2016 season comes to light.