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Denver Winter Ralleye #02

  • Metropolis Coffee 1 South Broadway Denver, CO, 80209 United States (map)

WINTER RALLEYE #02 — Le Tour De Superfund

75mi of Denver history…

WHO :: Old pals and new friends who want to get out for a ride even when the temp is low and the weather is poor; experienced cyclists or beginners who might turn back before the end; folks who know it’s not how fast you go but how much fun you have.

WHAT :: Adventure by bike. Get some exercise but leave the spandex and Strava behind. Bring your wool, thermos, snacks and other merriments and motivations. All weather, mixed surface, self-support/reliance. Snow or shine - dress accordingly. We'll ride chill and regroup etc (basically no-drop).

The intent of this ride is to bring awareness to the risks of environmental recklessness through visitation to a few representational enviro-tragedies around Denver (pas, present and future) — some of which were so large, toxic, and egregiously managed before abandonment/bankruptcy that they were given US EPA Superfund status! Some would say that the theme of this ride is cynical — but we say the topic is very important and all but ignored. Some would say the theme of this ride is dark — but we point out how sunny Colorado is most of the time.”

WHERE :: Meet at Metropolis Coffee next to Totem Cyclery at 8am, roll out around 8:30.

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