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Bicycle repair is a craft, an art, and a practice punctuated with constant learning. Totem reflects this approach with precision service at a fair price and honest advice. We pay attention to detail and treat every bike as if it were our own. Vintage restorations, commuter tuning, MTB/Adventure/Road maintenance, suspension service and custom wheelbuiling are just a few of the things we specialize in. Personalized service to fit your needs.


precision service


knowledge & experience



This is not a complete list of everything offered, but here are some of the more common repairs.

  • Tube/tire replacement $10 (additional charge for coaster brake or internally geared wheel)

  • Add tube sealant $5

  • Tubeless tire setup (includes rim tape & sealant) $30 per tire

  • Brake adjustment $10 -15

  • Hydraulic brake bleed $30 per lever

  • Derailleur adjustment $10

  • Chain replacement $15

  • Brake cable or shift cable replacement (includes adjustment) $15

  • Wrap bar tape $15

  • Wheel true $15 – 25

  • Wheel complete retension $35

  • Wheel build $60-80 per wheel (please see our Custom Wheels page)

  • Suspension fork lowers service $70+

  • Suspension rear shock basic service $40

  • Build bike frame up $250+

  • ???MYSTERY UPGRADE??? $10/25/50 – pick a dollar amount and we will install an upgrade of our choice on your bike… it may be functional or it may be aesthetic, but it will always be useful.

*prices reflect labor only; cost of parts not included unless otherwise noted