Totem 15" Voile Straps®

Totem 15" Voile Straps®


The original Voile Strap® has become a definitive essential for any rider and bike. Dare we call it a tool? Use it to repair, secure, bundle, open, close, and beyond. Made of lightweight stretchy UV-resistant polyurethane with a hardened aluminum slim-profile buckle. 15 inches long.

• Slim Profile 

• Won't Slip 

• Holds Tight 

• Super Strong 

• UV Resistant 

• Works in Extreme Weather 

• Daisy Chain Together 

• Time-Tested Design

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Voile Straps® were invented more than three decades ago as a unique way to bind skis together. They have since evolved into an incredible way to secure, bundle, and repair almost anything on the go. You'll never tire of how simple, compact, durable, and strong Voile Straps® are. We are continually amazed by the versatility of these straps. Even more amazing are the creative people who have ingeniously used them. “ -Voile Mfg